The Devil is in the Bandbox…

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Those that have been to visit the Neville House very often are shown the signatures etched into the window panes located in the parlour. One custom among the wealthy was giving house guests a diamond or diamond ring so that they might etch their names into the glass. It worked like a modern guest book.

One saying that has drawn much fascination for many of our visitors is a certain set of sentences:

“The Devil is in the Bandbox. Don’t you hear him bawl…”

Well, that saying has now gotten Woodville and the Neville House its very own beer and a nice collaboration with North Country Brewing Company in Slippery Rock!  The beer is up and is so far very well reviewed and favored by patrons. One of our museum aides described it as having a nice, malty start with spices in the middle, and the chocolate as the subtle, final flavor (she also stated that it goes well with apple bread pudding for dessert). It has been likened to beers by top microbreweries, Southern Tier and Trogs. This marks the first time they have had 2 chocolate beers on tap– Liquid Love being the other.

The “Devil” is a brown ale that starts with 580 pounds of malt, and is then flavored with 10 pounds of American Heritage chocolate,  cinnamon, nutmeg, and cayenne finished on cinnamon sticks,  cocoa nibs, vanilla beans and a touch of ancho chilis.  It is the perfect blend of sweet heat. And, better still, a percentage of the sale of the Devil goes to Woodville Plantation. So go have a beer for the cause!

Keep in mind that this is a limited edition beer which probably will be available for the rest of February so plan accordingly.
North Country Brewery is located in Slippery Rock, PA at 141 S Main St.
Start planning your visit there by visiting their website and seeing what they have to offer!
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