Launching Our New Adopt a Chicken Program!


The Woodville Dominique Chickens have returned to their place at the Neville House and we thank everyone that came out this past Sunday for their homecoming (and to those that came by earlier in the day for the Whiskey Rebellion Bus Tour). Now that Henry and the girls are back, we are launching our new Adopt a Chicken program in order to keep this attraction at the Neville House thriving.

Three tiers are in the Adopt a Chicken program. The first is a $15.00 donation. With this one, you help the chickens with getting their healthy treats, medicine, and any enrichment toys. You also receive the following:

– Dominique Chicken Fact Sheet (Dominique Chickens were among the earliest breeds of chickens in America)

– Acknowledgement on the forthcoming new website under “Friends of the Flock”

– Your choice of a “Friend of the Flock” button or magnet


The Second Tier is a $50.00 donation. With this one, you help keep our chickens (and their pen) clean, well-fed, and happy. You also receive the following:

– All items from the $15.00 + donation tier

– You also get to name your adopted chicken

– Adoption certificate for you named chicken

– Woodville Plantation egg storage container


And for those feeling extra generous, there is the Henry the Rooster $100.00 donation.


If you wish to donate, you may do so in person on your next visit to Woodville. You can also mail us a check with your preferred amount, or use the button below for an online donation!


Adopt a Chicken Program Tiers


We thank you all for your support this season, and we look forward to bringing you more entertaining and informative events!

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